Field Trip Halter Top – CROCHET PATTERN

Crochet Pattern | Field Trip Halter Top | Sara Knits Co.

High necks are super in right now, have you noticed?

I guarantee that you’ll look super stylish if you wear this top to your next music festival. Some girl will come up to you and be like “omgg, i love you top! Where did you get it?” And you’ll reply; “I made it myself!” They’ll respond “NO fucking wayy!” And you’ll have made a new friend, and who doesn’t want that.



This pattern is super basic and great for beginners. But just look at it, you’ll look like a crocheting master with your beautiful finished piece.


All you need is some weight 4 medium yarn (I use cotton), a 4.5mm crochet hook, and a tapestry needle to weave in ends.

Don’t forget to tag me @SaraKnitsCo on your creations! It is actually so amazing seeing people make their own!


Ready to crochet? Get yours today!



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