About Sara

I’ve always been a creator, designer, and maker of things. Even from a young age, arts and crafts was my favourite past time. I loved exercising the right side of my brain with creative projects.

On the other side of my brain, my left brain enjoys its fair use by solving math and logic problems, and having a solid right or wrong answer.

And so I find myself in this pickle. What is the perfect hobby for me?

I first learned to knit with this class book. I own many of these KLUTZ crafts when I was young, and they remain, to this day, my favourite books.

I really actually started knitting at the end of university. Perhaps it was this “what do I do with my life” phase, mixed with the contain urge to procrastinate. I just found it very therapeutic and it became something I really looked forward to doing, motivation to finish my school work (or just not start).

So that means I’ve been knitting now for a few years (and crocheting for less) and with practice I’ve gotten better and faster and more creative with my creations.

So it was the combination of being a makers of things, a logical problem solver, and a hand fiddler brought me to the hobby of knitting and crochet. Add an entrepreneurial spirit, and Sara Knits Co. is born.